Dress codes in public school

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Dress codes in public school. What was it like for me personally? I will tell you my own opinions.
In elementary school, there was a dress code but it was only enforced on the 6th graders. The 6th graders were not supposed to wear spaghetti strap tank tops.
In middle school, the dress code was super strict. For the most part, this did not bother me because most of the things I wore were already in the dress code. All tank tops had to have 1″ or thicker straps. Shorts and skirts had to be mid thigh length or longer. No see-through or crop top shirts. No showing cleavage or those yoga pants that showed camel toes.
High school had the same dress code but it was rarely enforced.
I actually liked the super strict dress code in middle school because I enjoyed making fun of the sluts who would come to school every day wearing shorts that looked like underwear and tops that looked like bathing suits. Every day they got dress coded and were forced to change their clothes into gym clothes.
I think parents who let their 13-year-old daughters dress like that should get their children taken away from them.
The moms were most likely single moms. Most of the time women end up raising the children because the fathers don’t want to raise them. I don’t buy all these stories where men claim the mom would not let the dad see their children. I think the men didn’t want their kids and left them.

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