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#motivationmonday. Over the next several days I will be sharing several of the valuable lessons I learned during my first season of training. (1). There is no such thing as an individual sport. It takes a team of supporters, likeminded people, mentors, coaches and experts as we endeavor to reach our highest potential and perform our best. This is for the high performing, beyond mediocre, unwilling to accept average, next level type of athlete/person! I had no idea of the cast of selfless, inspiring women and friends that would come alongside me and pour their time, wisdom, and gifts into me. It is with gratitude that I want to thank my personal trainer Samantha Kline. I have the tendency to want to over exaggerate my strengths. She challenged me in the areas of my weakness: my core and lower body, completely transforming me from head to toe in less than 10 weeks! You can have a great figure but if you can’t present it well on stage to the judges you’re not maximizing your scorecard. I wish I had known the importance of “posing” much earlier on my journey. My posing coach @tinavation is a phenomenal coach and herself a bikini pro! Thank you girl for helping me to tap into my competitor swag and pose with confidence, poise and grace. There are many parts to this journey that happen outside the gym. I looked beautiful right? Big shoutout to my hair stylist and makeup artist, the passionate, highly artistic Christina Brownlee Keyes @thehairemporiumsd. She prays and slays all day ya! To my unofficial coach and mentor Danielle King The TransformHer, thank you for planting this seed last spring and treating me like one of your own bikini girls at FIMS! My fabulous suit was custom created by the lovely Ghisela Curioca Garcia Ghisela Designs- you choose a winning color and I couldn’t have looked more better in my first of many suits. So yea- black women tan too. Thank you Stephanie Hurstrom @teambeautyforthebuff for taking my naturally bronzed skin to the next level. Fantastic glaze job had my #melaninpoppin! Last but not least- my tribe. You know who you are. I cherish your friendship, encouragement and support. I can’t stress enough the importance of being connected to likeminded people who are there to lift you up and who are uninterested in competing with you but would rather empower you and see you win! Two of them are up next: Cindy Harper Owusu-Afriyie is crushing her NYC marathon prep and Kimberly H. Grady is already in beastmode for her upcoming competition. My mom Cherlynn Cooper a former bodybuilder was my first trainer and continues to inspire me with her commitment and passion for the sport. My dad Marvin Cooper was my first coach of any sort (track and field) and pushes me towards excellence everyday. We’re truly better together Beloveds. Invest in yourself. Make the commitment. #hireatrainer and be your best self. START NOW

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