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I don’t even know where to begin this post. Tomorrow I begin a transition to expand outward from my home at El Puente Presente/ El Puente Williamsburg. I have spent 6 years of my Living- learning and growing here in my Artistry, my Activism, my role as an Educator and Mentor, my spirituality and my way of walking powerfully as a Leader for Peace and Justice in the world.
I have been given the opportunity to start a band new Theatre Program at a High School in East Brooklyn that is going into its 2nd year of establishment. The school was established last year with a 9th grade class of 100 and next and this year have only 9th and 10th graders, with less than 200 students in the school. I will be building foundations within the school and in my own classroom and will be planting seeds of my For the Movement Theatre pedagogy in the classroom. A blessing to be invited to create a program that will help foster the mastery of young people in Performance Work that serves as a tool for healing, empowerment and liberation, within a Public School.
Leaving El Puente is something that I never would have imagined, but everyone had told me, when it was really time I would know. In my 6 years at El Puente I have held so many roles Leadership/ Membership Facilitator, Theatre Facilitator and Mentor, Arts Coordinator, Assitant Director, Program Director (Interim for 1 Year), Founding Member of the Global Justice Institute and Family Member of the El Puente Tribe, and founder and creator of the For the Movement Theatre Collective. I had the privilege of leading, producing countless performances with young people using the Arts as a tool for social justice, including spending 6 years Writing and Directing original full length scripts that looked at specific issues affecting our communities for our Annual 3 Kings Celebration where our students would shine in front of thousands of audience members.
I have created some of the deepest bonds of my existence in the time that I have been at El Puente, from all the Staff who i have connected with in the deep work of raising up our young people (Richard Kom Tres Scott, Latoya Hall, William Salomon Orellana, Andre Lee Muñiz, Karina Lopez, Romel Jackson, Franklin Tapia, Melinda Gonzalez, Maria Marasigan, Fiorella Guevara Rose Marie Rivera, Osvaldo Budet Meléndez Gabriela Álvarez, Tina Orlandini, Frank Antonio López Theresa Doherty, Natalie Riquelmy) the artists who inspired me and worked beside me in deep creation (Afaliah Tribune, Arkadiusz Lesniak, Marc Andrew Nuñez, Matia Johnson, Chauncey Civilian Velasco, Karen Joy Pangantihon, Shy Richardson, Lisa Aronowitz, Jessenia Mera, Joe Matunis, Ana O’Keefe, Davon Vernon MonkeyMan, Gloria Zelaya-felt) my mentees in theatre and the arts especially the For the Movement Theatre Collective (Kristina Gabrielle Feliciano, Sync Daury, Kaila Cruz, Jayda Nadal, Kiki Alicea, Sabrina Pina, Stephanie Sabino, Jaylin Nunez, Melvin Morales, Aniyah Winbrone, Brenda Hernandez) and the Artivista Scholars 2 years running (Including Raisa Lin Garden-Lucerna, Danielle Sanchez, Shellz Gambinoo, Nata Shna, Diamante Ortiz), and My Global Justice Institute Sister Tribe (JLove Calderon, Clara Waloff Parker, Rosa Scott, Stephanie Jackson), my mentors who have raised me especially Frances Lucerna, Gino Maldonado and Luis Garden Acosta.
***I know I am missing so many names, and I will tag more as I go along.
My gratitude is not enough. El Puente will forever be home, and the walls of the space hold so much of my spirit and my heart. I only hope to have contributed my part so far to the Legacy of what El Puente is for our communities. I leave also knowing that I will always be connected and in many ways still in service to our community. I’ll be around for the next two weeks transitioning and setting up my exit in a good way. Please stop by to visit 211 if you all are around. I love you El Puente Family, thank you for everything. I am who I am in reflection of all that has touched my existence in the Universe that we have all contributed to.


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