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Just got this from 64 yo Keith! No blood pressure meds since starting our 500mg cbd drops!
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This Is Me & My Blood Pressure.
I found out that I had High Blood Pressure in 2005. It was 161/110 when originally diagnosed. I had no idea back then that the frequent headaches I was getting, were a symptom of hypertension, as my doctor later told me. He said that “I was a stroke waiting to happen.” Scared the hell out of me.
I was put on lotrel, and was able to manage my bp. I later tried a few natural supplements to help control my blood pressure, with mixed results. A couple of them worked better than others, but periodically, I’d have to take my meds to make sure my bp remained in the safe range for my age. I’m 64.
This morning, I decided to see what the CBD oil was doing to help control my BP, if it was doing anything at all. I’ve been taking the 500mg version of HempWorx CBD oil for a week now, roughly 10 drops, twice daily. I haven’t taken my bp meds since I started taking the CBD.
Here’s a picture of my BP reading from this morning. This is the bp of a healthy 20 year old, not a 64 year old man.

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